April 2013 – You’re all going to die tonight

Iron Man 3 posterIt’s been a strange month.

Opening with the latest Stephanie Meyer adaptation and climaxing in two of the goriest movies I’ve seen in years, April has been even more of a mixed bag than most.

The Host got things off to a terrifically terrible start, with a Mormon message that was somehow even less subtle than the chaste vampires and monogamous werewolves of The Twilight Saga. The multiplexes didn’t have much else to offer for the first week of April, except for 2012 cast-offs G. I. Joe: Retaliation and Jack The Giant Slayer.

Thankfully, things picked up as the month wore on. Both Robot & Frank and Dark Skies proved pleasant enough surprises, the former elevated by a powerful central performance from Frank Langella and the latter benefitting from an unusually strong script. Spring Breakers also impressed thanks to  stylish visuals and a stunning soundtrack, though it was ultimately let down by a lack of subtlety. Trance and Oblivion, however, were much less memorable.

The aforementioned horrors, while both remakes, each managed to make an impression. Maniac provided a Hobbit’s-eye view of some of the most brutal death scenes in recent memory, while Evil Dead dropped not only the original’s definite article but its silly sense of humour too, to nerve-shredding effect. Although entertaining, they were soon eclipsed by Iron Man 3, a film which divided fans but seems to have delighted everyone else.

Outside of the cinema I continued to contribute content to Best For Film, began writing for The Hollywood News, and participated in My Film Views’ Moviesite Spotlight. In addition, Popcorn Addiction was also nominated for the Best New Lamb Award by the Large Association Of Movie Blogs. So good strange, I guess.

Film of the month: Iron Man 3

Spring Breakers (2013)

Spring BreakersAfter months spent scrimping and saving, best friends Faith (Selena Gomez), Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Venessa Hudgens) and Cotty (Rachel Korine) pool their resources only to discover that they are still hundreds of dollars short of being able to attend spring break in Florida with their peers. While Faith prays for the necessary funds, her cohorts decide to rob a local fast food joint, escaping with enough to embark on their escapades. When a party they are attending is raided and the four of them arrested, however, their vacation takes a dark turn under the influence of gangster-rapper Alien (James Franco). Read more of this post