So I'm currently a bit unemployed and looking for work, but the good news is you don't have to be the employer of my dreams to get in touch. If you have a query, a complaint or would just like to tell me how much of a dumbhead I am then there are a variety of ways to catch my attention.

1.) Leave a comment.

I love comments, especially the ones that pick me up on inconsistencies, spelling mistakes and wayward apostrophes. Though I suppose the ones that tell me how fantastic I am are always welcome too.

2.) Tweet me.

Like everyone else who was chased out of the book of faces by friends tired of their incessant status updates, I turned to twitter the same way others might turn to God. You can find me at @popcornaddict for much of the same, for better or for worse.

3.) E-mail me.

If you do want to offer me a job, however, I suppose that’s fine too.

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